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From the desk of Iskandar Zulkarnaen

Website Hosting Service & Website Hosting Business

To anyone who are searching for either CPANEL/WHM Web Hosting, WHM Reseller Hosting,
Dedicated Servers and/or customers who wish to start their own WEB HOSTING COMPANY and anyone
interested in starting an online business and make money from home.

The main issue that I have to tell you in this series of information is an online business opportunity:
Selling website hosting business to your customers for a very low price ($ 39 / year)
without having to provide any hosting business tools (We will provide everything for you).

Your customers will pay you $ 39 / year through Paypal then you pay $ 19 / year to the Owner and Administrator of http://www.thefortune39.com/thedailyhost while the remaining $ 20 / year is kept for you as your income.

Suppose 1000 people purchases the $39/year RESELLER ACCOUNT from you,
then you will get $20 times 1000 = $20000/year recurring income.
(You need to pay us $19/year for each reseller account sold via you as long as your customer keeps paying you).

Your customers can purchase website hosting service from you.
You can sell the online hosting accounts to them at any price you desire and keep 100% profit with you.

Suppose 1000 people purchases the $5/month unlimited account from you,
you will then get $5000 per month recurring income.
(ITS FULL YOUR PROFIT, you have to pay us nothing).

How To Get Your Own Website Hosting Business?

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If you have not been interested in starting your own worldwide online website hosting business,
Come here to buy a website hosting service then please look below and make an appropriate purchase,
It is started from $1/Month.

Website Hosting Service:

Started from $1/Month Package

  Website Hosting Plans $1/Month $2/Month $3/Month $5/Month  
  Web Space 10MB 20MB 100MB Unlimited  
  Monthly Bandwidth 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB Unlimited  
  Parked Domains 1 2 3 Unlimited  
  Add-on Domains 0 1 2 Unlimited  
  Sub Domains 20 50 100 Unlimited  
  FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
  MySQL Databases 1 2 3 Unlimited  
  Email Accounts
(full POP3, IMAP & SMTP)
20 50 100 Unlimited  
  Mailing Lists 2 10 20 Unlimited  
  Discounts For 1 Year Purchase 10% 10% 10% 16.66%  
  Net Cost Per Year $10.80 $21.60 $32.40 $50.00  




  Discounts For Monthly Subscriptions - - - -  
  Net Cost Per Month $1 $2 $3 $5  



Website Hosting Business:

Private Labeled, Unlimited, Cpanel/WHM Based,
Worldwide Online Hosting Business for


256 GB DDR4 RAM (DDR3 is gone)

(For comparison, the average computer/laptop/server is just having
2GB RAM or more than 128 times slower.)


(For comparison, the average server is just having
500GB or more than 200 times LESSER capacity.)

24 COSTLIEST and LATEST Intel Xeon CPU E5-2630 v2 @ 2.60GHz
Processors. - the strongest in the market.

(For comparison, the average computer/laptop/server is just
having dual home edition processor or more than 791/4 times slower.)



(That much GB bandwidth per month will cost
so much and so much money that any Indian salaried guy cant afford
to pay even after selling his kidney.]

1GBPS NETWORK UPLINK (Internet Speed).

(For comparison, the average broadband connection speed
in the USA is 6.6 megabits per second - or more than 151 times slower.]



Host all your websites each with separate CPANEL account.

Sell CPANEL hosting to others via WHM (Web Host Manager), charge them anything and keep full money with you as your profit.

Sell RESELLER ACCOUNT to others and earn $20/Year/Customer as your profit.


Visit HERE for more info, and Get your reseller website hosting account Just $39/Year.


Cordially yours,
Iskandar Zulkarnaen


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